Food Systems, Agriculture, Horticulture, Landscaping and Natural Environment Advisory Services

Scroll down below to see a summary of our advisory and consultancy service offering.

We provide expert consultancy services in the fields of landscaping, horticulture, agriculture, and ecology. Our team of professionals are dedicated to helping businesses and individuals create sustainable and beautiful spaces.

Scroll down below to see a summary of our advisory and consultancy service offering.

Ecosystems Services

  • Advisory on food webs, energy flow, nutrient recycling, biodiversity and adaptation.
  • Regulating services such as carbon sequestration and temperature control, water purification and quality, and pest and disease control.
  • Supporting services like soil formation, soil rehabilitation, reclamation and soil health.
  • Cultural services covering education, learning and research opportunities.
  • Landscape adaptation, rehabilitation and resilience planning.
  • Conservation & management informing conservation efforts and sustainable resource management.
  • Land-use planning, fauna and flora rehabilitation, rewilding.
  • Sustainable Resource Management.
  • Eco-tourism.

Agribusiness & Food Systems

  • We offer strategic planning and advice to agricultural businesses, helping them maximise productivity and sustainability.
  • Covering the commercial activities and enterprises involved in the production, processing, marketing, and distribution of agricultural products and services.
  • We cover a wide range of activities, including farming, agro-processing, packaging, distribution, and support services like financing, research, and technology development.
  • We strategise and plan across the interconnected processes, activities, and infrastructure involved in the production, processing, distribution, consumption, and waste management of food products.
  • We provide concept to completion in facility design and build including Greenhouses, CEA and RRPS.

Water Resource Management

  • We provide a systematic and coordinated approach to planning, developing, conserving, and managing water resources to meet the needs of people and ecosystems while maintaining sustainability.
  • Wadi and natural topography management,
  • Water quality monitoring, infrastructure development (sand dams, dams, reservoirs, pipelines), water conservation, and disaster preparedness (flood control and drought management). 
  • Irrigation system design & budgeting covering groundwater, potable water and TSE.
  • Water features and drainage systems.
  • We provide a collaborative approach among governments, communities, and stakeholders to create policies and plans that address water-related challenges and ensure equitable access to this vital resource.

Urban Design & Public Realm 

  • We create stunning and functional outdoor spaces tailored to our clients' preferences and requirements.
  • We focus on improving the functionality, aesthetics, and sustainability of urban spaces, fostering a sense of place and community.
  • We focus on the balancing the needs of residents, businesses, and the overall city to create a harmonious and liveable urban landscape.
  • Public realm design includes considerations like pedestrian-friendly infrastructure, safety, aesthetics, and amenities to enhance the urban experience.
  • We provide long-term post construction phase Operation & Maintenance planning for the public realm.

Native & Ornamental Plantstock Procurement

  • We provide complete plant procurement strategy and implementation plan development including all related science, engineering, facility design and project performance assessment metrics.
  • We provide 30 years of experience in the middle east covering native plants and adaptive plant palette selection and procurement.
  • We craft pertinent biosecurity systems and implement strict phytosanitary controls.
  • We carry out functions relating to plant procurement logistics, importation, quarantine, acclimatisation and installation methodologies.
  • We define procurement strategies covering the tendering process and procedures and documentation provision.

Project Management

  • We offer PMO services that involves planning, coordinating, executing, and overseeing the various elements of a construction or landscape project to ensure its successful completion.
  • Covering as a minimum: planning, coordination, execution, quality assurance, time management, cost management, risk management, communication and stakeholder satisfaction.
  • We ensure that related projects are delivered on time, within budget, and to the required quality standards,

Turnkey Asset Development

  • We create turnkey asset developments covering, among others, nurseries, closed environment productions systems (vertical farming, hydroponics, aquaponics, aeroponics), and retractable roof system cooling houses.
  • We cover the design and build of the full cold and fresh produce value chain infrastructure development inclusive of market access systems.
  • Our offer covers everything from conceptualisation and feasibility analysis through to food demand & supply modelling and analysis up to completion & handover and post construction O&M strategy development.

IoT & Smart Green Technology

  • Through our “brains trust” and “think tank” we design the network of physical objects or "things" embedded with sensors, software, hardware and connectivity that enables the collection and exchange of data.
  • Our OEM supplier network and “brains-trust" provide bespoke platforms acting as online ecosystems that enable the various users, businesses and developers to interact and exchange services, products and information pertaining to the Green Economy.
  • We specialise in urban and rural tree and forest asset management technology design and implementation through our “tech-tank” partners.


  • Our strategy development and actioning is based on detailed project brief evaluation or agreed studies and desired organisational or project outcomes.
  • Strategies are developed from short-term procurement through to long-term operation and maintenance strategies.
  • We offer peer review over existing strategies with a view to maximising outcomes and minimising processes contained in those strategies.

Value Chain Analysis

  • We provide complimentary or standalone studies, assessments and recommendations associated with both high-level industry or market sector studies, linked to strategic business case or project planning, including risk assessment.
  • We provide agriculture, horticulture and food systems industry value chain mapping, food demand modelling, infrastructure linkages, human resource allocations and resource deployment analysis.


  • We act as a “thought leader" and “policy advocate" focussed on rural agricultural and landscape transformation.
  • We evaluate new ways of working, new capabilities, and new technologies.
  • We craft strategies that are designed to boost overall performance through increased revenue, lower operating costs, and better customer satisfaction and workforce productivity. 
  • We constantly seek to improve processes and outcomes via innovative strategies and digital transformation programmes designed to disrupt and/or make an ecosystem more efficient, adaptive and resilient.

Knowledge Transfer

  • We craft knowledge capture systems, knowledge distribution and ensure access to the right recipients.
  • Through our network and “brains trust" we develop vocational training programmes for nursery, horticultural, food systems and landscaping services.
  • We provide knowledge transfer project management, workshops and training to farmers, nurserymen and woman, government agencies, public and private sectors

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