All business is directly involved in or dependent on the conversion of natural resources into monetary resources to support our modern existence. With the changing needs and attitudes of society demanding greater accountability in the use and protection of our natural resources, along with the desire for improved lifestyles, the need for balanced, sustainable and affordable solutions has never been greater.


Envatix is a company that provides planning, systems, designs and solutions via a collaborative of single point subject matter experts (SME’s). 

  • Our starting point is Science. The role of science is Exploration. To this front-end project DNA analysis processes, we add critical business thinking including subsets such as Environomics.
  • From the Science we move to Engineering which is all about invention. developing the strategies and processes that work.  
  • Next, we have Design which is how we communicate how best to construct and deliver outcomes.

Envatix understands that information is not power in itself – rather, qualified applied information is real knowledge. As a business with mature seasoned professionals, we regularly consult and collaborate with a global Think Tank or Brains Trustof some 10+ individual associates and advisers from around the globe who share our passion and mission in making a real difference to the way that our actions impact collective aspirations such as food security, responsible water resource management, circular systems, ecology, conservation and improving overall social health and wellbeing by respecting and working with nature.


  • Our business is based on three basic building blocks of Integrity, Credibility and Professionalism.
  • The importance of these company values including a commitment to quality and accountability is essential and we believe in being able to offer the very best service to our clients.
  • In addition to these business fundamentals Envatix has recognised the importance of constant innovation in using new techniques and intelligent solutions to achieve results.
  • Flexibility and vision are further company attributes which in combination with our holistic approach deliver what we believe is "The Difference".

Envatix was established as a vehicle to provide specialist consultancy and advisory services for the emerging challenges and business growth opportunities occurring in the GCC as the various Arabian Peninsula countries enter new phases of economic diversification, urban development, social change, environmental awareness with prevailing social and economic responsibilities such as food and water security. 


The principals and associates of Envatix have been involved in various professional capacities and roles managing and operating businesses in the UK, Australia, USA, South Africa, Zambia, Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania, Ghana, Rwanda, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Hungary, Malaysia and India, as well as current operations in KSA and the UAE.  Their international business experience covers some 40 years including more than 25 years operating in Middle Eastern markets. Sister companies operate in the UK and Australia.


Key industries and market sectors where the current Envatix executive staff’s experience and skillsets have been obtained in Investor, Director, CEO, GM, Subject Matter Expert (SME), Consultant and Project Manager roles, include, but are not limited to:

  • Horticultural - crop production, storage & processing.
  • Ornamental Horticulture – nursery development, propagation, plant procurement & production.
  • Landscape – environmental services, design, technical services, construction & maintenance
  • Conservation – farmer managed natural regeneration (FMNR), landscape adaptation and assisted nature regeneration, fauna and flora species re-introduction and rewilding.
  • Geomatics – GIS mapping & surveys and bio-economic research.
  • Research & Development – material sciences, renewable energies (agri-voltaics), circular economies
  • Water Management – irrigation design, rain enhancement & stormwater management
  • Manufacturing – prefabricated systems, cementitious elements, precast and UHPC, marine artificial reef development.   

The SME Difference

We live in an era of technological and social change. The result of such change to business sees the need for full time generalist staff decreasing while the need for specialist skills on an “as required" basis is increasing.

As our knowledge of the environment increases so does the need for qualified and experienced professionals capable of meeting the changing needs.

Some of the reasons why you might like to consider using a ‘Green Services’ multidisciplinary consulting firm such as Envatix are:

  • To obtain specialist skills and knowledge in a specific field when these skills are not available.
  • To obtain specialist skills which are required on a "once only" basis.
  • To obtain specialist skills as an alternative to hiring full time employees.
  • To obtain an objective assessment of a particular situation and to resolve problems.
  • To assist in making business decisions and in forward planning.

Envatix offers a flexible fee based multi-discipline collaborative team of individual SME services capable of responding to a client's specific project needs.

Envatix have offices located in the UK, UAE, KSA, South Africa as well as Australia through our associate company Landscape Resource Management Pty Ltd.

Successful business is about having adequate resources combined with experience and good management to produce a superior product.

Identifying a project's specific requirements and ensuring the correct balance of functional planning, design, affordable, quality construction and programmed operations results in Better Planning, Optimum Design, Cost Effective Quality Construction, and Long-Term Asset Management.

Envatix’s services are provided by our own in-house professionals and supplemented from a comprehensive cross section of experiences hand picked associates, specialist sub-consultants and contractors who we have identified as being leaders in their chosen areas of expertise to make up the "Team".

Envatix co-ordinates and administers all the activities required to successfully undertake a project with "Single Point" accountability.

*Details of specific project personnel can be provided with any project proposal or submission by request.

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